The Journey to Alerina Jewelry

What does Alerina mean?

Alerina is actually a combination of my name and the name of my sisters. 

When I created Alerina Jewelry not only did I want to create a brand, I wanted to create a sense of community. A place where you are supported and a place where you are excepted no matter who you are. That's why I put parts of my sisters' names in my brand name. They embody what I want this brand and community to be, supporting, loving, and caring. 

I've loved jewelry ever since I was a child. I love jewelry so much that I am now taking Jewelry Art in my post-secondary career. Just like many others I have struggled to find high-quality pieces of jewelry at an affordable price. There were really only two options that I found that would fit my budget, gold plated jewelry that barely lasted a year and fast fashion pieces that irritated my skin and tarnished in a matter of days.

When I started studying Jewelry Arts I learned about the affordable metal options such as gold-filled and sterling silver, and how bigger retailers would mark up these options by 10 times than what they're actually worth. So when I started Alerina Jewelry I made it my number one priority to provide high-quality gold-filled and sterling silver pieces without the 10 time mark up. I want to provide everyday luxury that is accessible  to all.

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